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Seven Season Soup

Seven Season Soup - game overview

The preparations of the biggest culinary event of the Empire have begun. The Emperor invites you to the Banquet of Seven Suns ...

In SEVEN SEASON SOUP everything is about exploring, fighting and cooking.
Each run of the game is a unique experience. It depends on the terrains you explore, the companions you hire, the people you meet and the monsters you fight.

Is yours the best strategy to convince the Emperor of your skills
– fighting and cooking both?

The Rulebook

Download the rulebook in English or German language.


In Seven Season Soup, you explore the gaming world place by place and build an individual map of the Empire. You might discover abandoned villages in the woods, awe-inspiring temples and even a volcano.
It might be worthwhile to return to one, but avoid the other for the time being, because every place has different possibilities and jeopardies ready.

Seven Season Soup - Terraincards


It´s your decision: Do you confront the aggressive Daikon to capture the ingredient “Vegetables” honourable? Or do you cunningly challenge another hero party for a duel and just steal what you need?

The battle is an essential element of Seven Season Soup. On your journey you´ll hold your ground not only against the monsters of the empire, but against your fellow players as well.

Seven Season Soup - example fight with marker and dice

To get to know the unique battle system, you ought to read the rulebook!
Nevertheless, this much can be said right away: It´s always good to roll an eight!


You compete in the Banquet of Seven Suns, a cooking competition hosted by the Emperor. The goal of the game is to get the most points for the cooked dishes.
Sometimes monsters and demons guard the ingredients required for the dishes; other times, the monsters and demons are the ingredients!

Prepare the legendary Seven Season Soup and let the legend become reality!

Seven Season Soup - cooking with menu and ingredients

The Empire

Seven Season Soup takes place in a fantasy world inspired by the Japanese feudal era and mythology. In the game, you encounter fantastic creatures like the towering Daikon, a radish demon, or the Slime, an adorable yet dangerous pink blob.
Additionally you´ll be drawn into the life of the locals by a wide range of small stories. Some are funny, others touching.

In the end everything is about delicious food and epic sword fights; and the world overrun by monsters and demons becomes a playground for brave adventurer.


The four heroes are the leaders of the groups. They are highly detailed miniatures and are used to show the location of each player's group in the empire.

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Seven Season Soup - Fully painted miniatures

Phantasos Studio finely painted the shown miniatures.

Takeo, the Ronin on the way to continue the tradition of his familiy, and to get back his honor.
Kaede, the future leader of an influential noble family, who has to prove herself to her anchestors. When the Emperor proclaimed the Banquet of Seven Suns she clearly had to prove, that a woman can be as proficient as a male warrior.
Suzume, known as the sparrow, who grew up in the streets of the capital and brought thiefery to perfection.
Mamoru, monk and gourmet, who believes in the goodness of people and wine. His fighting experience and his hunger will clear the way to victory.

Group of Heroes

Seven Season Soup - The heroes Takeo, Kaede, Suzume and Mamoru

In Seven Season Soup each player commands a group consisting of one hero and up to two companions. The latter can be hired during the journey through the empire, but not unless you´re able to meet their conditions!

Each character has his own story, which is told by event cards throughout the game. Because of his individual skills and equipment options, each protagonist is a valuable enrichment for a team and affects the combat style of the group.

Nasty foes

The world of Seven Season Soup is home to monsters of many kinds. Equip your heroes and companions wisely with weapons, armour, even music instruments and scrolls and they'll become powerful enough to defeat the mightiest foes.

  • Seven Season Soup - Plant Monster
  • Seven Season Soup - Oni Monster
  • Seven Season Soup - Ghost Monster
  • Seven Season Soup - Biest Monster
  • Seven Season Soup - Water Monster

At the end you might defeat the pink blob with ease - but are you ready to bring down a god?
Do you even want to?

What's in the box

4 highly detailed plastic miniatures  ·  4 eight-sided dices  ·  112 tokens  ·  300 cards  ·  17 large-sized terrain cards  ·  1 rulebook with plentiful background information

Seven Season Soup - Box

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